Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sun Came Out...


and there was much rejoicing.

This was my second ride this year. Ride meaning "out of doors" and not "rollers". No "rollerposting". No "trainerposting". No "intervals". No nothing.

(well.. I did try to keep it in Z2 the whole time, but I chose one of the hilliest routes around so that was tough, exceeding 100'/mile by a fair bit)

The initial 2.5 mile descent had the unwelcome effect of making my face completely numb, but after that things began to come back alive again.


And here's the first little rest stop. I'm telling you.. California has nothing on our beautiful vistas! Just look at that gravel. Those greys! That dirty snow! This stuff has to be
experienced to believe.

As if that weren't enough.....

Just dig the striking color in this one!

And some jerk from the Jerkstore got in the way of the camera:

And, finally, Le Piece de Resistance, Vincent Hill.. A singularly unimpressive picture of an extremely impressive hill. (why is it that photographs never reveal anything about how steep a hill really is?)

I took the shot after climbing halfway up the hill to the little flat section. That top ridge part maxes out at over 20%. ouch.

ugly? boring? bland you say?

(wellllll let me just say, for the sake of those who haven't yet found out that I have spent the past three months riding inside)

I was in hog heaven on this ride. The Pyrenees in July wouldn't have made me happier to be outside on my bicycle.

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