Friday, January 28, 2011

What it feels like when your threshold power goes up.

What it feels like when your threshold power goes up.

I have to admit, I pay too much attention to the stupid power number. That is a good thing sometimes but can be a bad one when it keeps me from improving. For instance, if I keep focusing on a certain number that I call my “FTP” and try to hit it or try to base a workout around it, then what happens when my form gets better? Huh? Hmmmmmm?

So, the other day, I am starting an interval. (for those of you who are…..wait…forget that. ….

For ALL of you…)

-when I do intervals inside I do them in rhythm to music. It’s because I am a musician. It’s because I am a bass player. It’s because music is always on in my head anyway. It’s because music makes the world go round. It’s because I dig music. It’s because I need something to help me stay sane… wait, strike that….

Keep from going further into insanity

Yeah. That’s it.


The Other Day, I am starting an interval. Two versions of Straight, No Chaser, total time 21 minutes, tempo to create a cadence between 92 and 79 rpm, depending on the version. Perfect.

I get about 5 minutes into it and feel good, so I click up a gear…

Me: “wait a minute”

Myself: “what?”

Me: “my HR is too low”

Myself: “no it isn’t”

Me: “yes it is”

Myself: “but I feel fine…”

Me: “ok then it’s not too low, so how about I click up another gear?”

Myself: “fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You know whata happa whena you burn it all out early, Mr. Start-too-hard.”

Me: “but I feel good too!”

Myself: “Ok, I’m outa here.”

(so I click up another gear and wait for the blowup)


(no blowup yet and we hit the halfway mark. Ten minutes and I am still alive and kicking….)

Me: “Self? Yo!!! Self!!!...hey!! come back here…. I need you!”

Myself: “quit bothering me, I’m avoiding you.”

Me: “but I still feel fine and I am OVER threshold”

Myself: “you’re dreaming, kid. You screwed up the zero on your PM.”

Me: “nope. Zeroed it right before this workout.”

(very interesting)

(another few minutes pass and I am wondering WTF)

Myself: “um.. I don’t like this. It’s too unfamiliar”

Me: “well get used to it, Self! Hey! Quit looking at the stupid meter! Find something else to look at will ya?”

Myself: “but this does not compute”

Me: “yes it does you ninny! You are just unwilling to accept change. Now I command you to ignore everything but RPE from now until the end of the interval.”

Myself: “humpf”.

(I do. I stare at the fan from this point on until the music stops)

(one last gear, 53x12, top gear. Never been here before this late in a 20)

Me: “told you.”



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